The Unbroken: Books for Palestine Auction

Win a personalized copy, open worldwide.

Hi everyone,

In theory, it’s around the time for a new newsletter, but before I get composed enough for one of those…

It’s no secret, though for some it might be a surprise, that Palestinians have been living through forced evictions and untold violence. The violence, in particular, has accelerated. You can read more about the history and the current struggle here at Decolonize Palestine. You can also check out this Palestinian Solidarity Reading List at Verso Books if you’d like to do a bit more of a deep dive, which includes free and discounted books. Another good read is Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Anderson, which explained entire history of the British/French colonial project that broke Palestine apart.

So! I've donated a book to the Books for Palestine Auction to help raise money for a couple different funds that support Palestinian children, many of whom have been displaced by incessant bombing.

To see the auction item, click here. The auction closes on June 4, 11:45 PM EST.

This is a worldwide giveaway, but please note, as I’m no longer US based, if you are on that side of the world, you’ll have a couple options—either a signed bookplate and a copy of the book AND/OR my father and I will collaborate to get you a “limited edition alternate C.L. Clark” signed copy and personalization, as you choose.

Thanks for your help and for supporting this cause.

Stay sharp, my friends.


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